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XOXO Cynthia Rowley

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The XOXO Cynthia Rowley is a playful progressive freestyle board that is performance proven all over the mountain. Cynthia Rowley is an award winning NYC designer who effortlessly bridges the worlds of fashion and adventure through her brand. Her designs are featured in the Pop Snow and Pop Surf Roxy collection, filled with statement prints and vivid colors. Roxy’s commitment to environmentally friendly production and sustainable materials is echoed in our XOXO Mervin Made construction, built with zero hazardous waste at our factory in the USA. The C3 camber dominant contour, Magne-Traction, and twin freestyle shape make the XOXO the perfect partner for playful fun on the whole mountain. Strike the balance between fashion and adventure with control and confidence on this XOXO.

  • C3 Camber perfection for increased pop and stability
  • Mervin Made with advanced technology and eco-materials
  • Designer collaboration with Cynthia Rowley, look for the full Roxy collection!


Roxy Torah Bright Rider Scale
Roxy C3 Contour
Roxy Full Hearted Construction
Roxy Magne-Traction
Roxy Mervin Made
Mervin Made in the USA

XOXO Cyntia Rowley Specs

Size (cm) Contact
Length (cm)
Cut (m)
Nose / Tail
Width (cm)
Width (cm)
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
145 111 8 27.7 / 27.7 24.1 19.24"-24" / 0" 5 70-130
149 114 8.1 28.1 / 28.1 24.2 19.24"-24" / 0" 5 75-150
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